+46 (0)72 363 82 96

+46 (0)72 363 82 96

Do you need a handyman or a builder?

For both simple tasks such as painting, wallpapering, insulating, and installing windows, doors, and flooring, as well as more complex tasks like repairing and installing air conditioning, cable wiring, or renewing the fuse box, we are your swedish certified partner.

Want to renew your space to your own style? Whether it’s refurbishing your Swedish ‘Old House’ or starting a new construction project, we provide expert handling from rough construction to fine finishing.”

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Everything you need for a complete construction and Handyman solution under one roof.

Experience the Power of Dutch Craftsmanship and Swedish Reliability: Your Trusted Source for All Construction Needs, Handyman Services, and Installations.

We’re experienced in both traditional and modern Scandinavian building styles, focusing especially on working with wood and stone to ensure that perfect finish.

You have an idea, we make it a reality. What makes us unique is that we have almost everything you can think of for building and handyman work under one roof. This means less hassle for you and savings in time and money. Whether you need a small repair, a complex installation, or have a unique project in mind, we’re here for you.

Our team? Each one of us is a skilled professional who knows what they’re doing, and we’re friendly and professional too. Making you happy with our work is what drives us. We always aim for top quality in everything we undertake.

Take a look at our services and see for yourself how we can transform your space into something really special. Welcome to our world, where craftsmanship and innovation come together. For everything you need in your home, office, or store, we have the perfect solution for you.

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We combine your ideas with our experience to create something unique. Tell us what you want, and we listen, advise, and realize it together with you.

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“For all of your interior and exterior building, installation, and repair tasks.”

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